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This account hasn't gotten any use in what looks like two years. Well I guess its now time for a well deserved update. So this will be like a fresh restart, starting now. Hello my name is Stephen. I am a 19 year old male from Long Island, New York. I have lived on this island almost my entire life. I am currently enrolled at Dean College in Franklin, MA. So I spend the majority of my time between the two places. I am a member of the furry fandom, I have 2 fursonas The pink spotted dalmatian dale, and the kitty hybrid named after myself Stephen. I have been in the fandom officially for 6 years now.  When I'm not studying for my classes or working at Mcdonalds. I like to spend my time playing an collecting video games and hanging out with my friends. My collection consists of over 1000 different titles for all different consoles. The newest addition to my collection is my virtual boy. I am a huge Nintendo fan, and this recent addition makes it so I have every Nintendo console ever made. If you wanna know more about my video game collection you can always check out my website I try to be nice to every single person I meet, so please don't be shy. I don't bite, drop me a line I am always up to meeting new people and more importantly making new friends. I will also answer any question, that's going to be all for now. 
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Great Day

Today was one of the better days of my life.. I woke up to a phone call from my friend and he invited me over to his house. I got in his car when he arrived and he drove back to his house while i tightly grasped the back seat. We arrived and then we played some games. I stuck to super mario 64 DS. while he decided to play Sakura Wars. I dont like it very much. Then our other friend came over and we walked about a mile to the closest play and trade. I snooped around a bit and thats when i picked up 4x4 Evo for the sega dreamcast. As we where walking out another one of my friends showed up. IE he creeply stalked behind us for 10 minutes.. When he made his presence known we decided to walk to fourth world comics in another shopping center. After snooping around there for awhile I bought a comic about tomb raider for 25 cents in protective shrink wrap. idk if i am going to open it and read it but im gonna think about it... We got a ride back to my friends house and then we just hung out for the rest of the day. We played a bit of Team Fortress 2 for Pc.. Ate a few snacks also Played allitle bit of smash bros and before you think no it wasn't brawl it was melee... He still doesn't own a wii. I got home after being at his house for 12 hours and then i got my Nintendo power magazine. I was so happy cause it came with a free poster. Thats all that rly happened today :3
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Today was one of those bitter sweet days. You know when the good sorta outweighs the bad? Well it started with the seal sunday procedure trip to church. Im not very found of church seeing how im not catholic. I use to be but i denounced my faith when i was 14. and yet my parents still drag me down there every single sunday. It was kinda ok this week though cause I just sat there and day dreamed about my beautiful boyfriend. He means so much to me and I just want to spend the rest of my life with him. I would tell you what i was thinking about but i wanna keep this journal PG-13 hehe :3. Then i went home ate then later went to work at 3. again was seal nothing out of the ordinary. Cept this one women that tried arguing the price of a frappe with me. Some people don't understand that I do not have any control over the prices. Then i got home and started over my pokemon platinm version again. I dont know why pokemon has so much playability that i can beat each game mltiple times and not get bored with it. Then my friends came over and we went top 7/11 to get free slurpees just to find out that they didn't have any more cups so we couldn't get one. It was kinda a let down. We went back to my house and watched some episodes from season 2 of drawn together they left and i began to start chatting to people. I never understood why chatting with people i probably will never meet is so interesting. I can sit on the computer for hours on end talking to people and i seem to do it ever signle night. And then after i was chatting. My boyfriend came online <3 i dunno why but just talking to him makes me happy if you know what I mean. I love him so much he is the world to me <3 I love my french wolfy
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Its been a long time sense i last used live journal and i have to say i have changed allot sense my last post.. like a few months back i found out that i was gay and not bisexual. it was a huge shock for me but i got over it eventually. now im happier then i was with my sexy boyfriend.. i also went to icon 29 which had to be one of the best days of my life... i meet other furries that are close to me and for once i felt like i fit in. anyway now im getting off topic so im back cause a few friends of mine said that keeping a journal or writing down what happened can help me vent if something bad ever where to happen at all. so yeah thats why i decided to come back to lie journal :3 so i will actually be makeing posts. also im no longer a husky ^.^ ima dalmatian now woof im ahppier as when when i was a husky i ft like i wust going th the flow but now i feel like an individual.. thats all for now bye ^,^

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Forgot to Write whats been happening D:

Ok so instead of forgetting to write what happened over a day like i have don before I forgot to write for 2 weeks D: Ok so 2 Fridays ago was danceing with the teachers. I was put there to record it for the school. It was pretty much a snooze nothing to exciting point and shoot. Then my parents picked me up and we went to wendys. I got the useual a Baconator large size. Yeah I have a problem. That week at achool was a snore. I've been collecting the hotel for dogs toys from Mcdolands. I have 6 of the 8 Im hopeing to get the other 2 soon. Im also thinking about seeing the movie but im not sure if I have the time anymore. At work the other day I had to do stock up in the fridge with my brother so damn cold. When you put the boxes in you have to rotate them all to the front and there were like 40 boxes of french fries so I had to move em all put the new ones in the back and rotate them so the older ones are in front. That was not as bad as to what happened yestorday though. I was cleaning out my ear with a q tip. I stuck it too far in and I got this massive pain in my right ear. I was in so much pain I had to go to the doctor. He looked into my ear and said I have massive wax build up that was creating pressure on meh ear drum. So he took this gun like thingy that shoot water and stuck it in my ear. He pressed the button and sucked all of the wax out. I was like ewwwwwwwwwwww. So now I have to put two drops in my right ear each day for two weeks such a pain. I got sick leave from work though :D. Today was also a huge snore. Nothing ever exciting ever happens in my life I guess im just not important. Anyway I went to best buy with my money and Instead of buying an ebay gift card like I normally do I bought a new Ds game. Its called tornado or somethign like that. You have to keep drawing circles and it causes cramps in my fingers. I think it was worth the 20$ I spent on it though. My parents then took me to a new shopeing center out in there lol I rly dont know where it was. There was a Ice skaeting rink in the middle of the center. I fell on my ass. Then we walked around the center and all it was is cloths stores and shoe outlets. And the vending machiens cost 1.25 for a bag of chips. That makes Mcdonalds seem cheap. and they had a cupon vending machiene. Thats right you have to pay to get cupons how retarted is that and there not good cupons either like 30 cents off your next purchase. So then I got home went in a massive convo or two with a few people and thats about it. The only good thing that happened was that deth promised me his N-GAGE hopefully he gives it to me and If i get it I'll make a video about it on youtube. Well thats it for now seya.
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What a Snore

Today was a big wash nothing interesting happened today at all. At school It started with earth science. Mr mont was out so we watched the x files. i have no idea how the x files relates to earth science but I'm not complaining. Then after that I went to gym. The same basic thing as before vollyball what a boring 4o minutes that was. Then after that I went to english. We started reading animal farm today but I could not tell you a thing about it cause I was sleeping. Hey if you think I was bad the girl in front of my was playing a game on here I phone. It was one of those games where you have to physically move the phone in order to play. So she had it behind her book and she kept twisting back and forth wile everyone was reading. After english I went to Tv and Production allot of nothing going in there. Then I went to health and we finnaly finished watching the movie about the old people. Now I have to write an essay on it =0. After that I went to lunch same old same old but I told my friend that I was Bisexual he did not seem to mind. I thought he was rly gonna flip his lid. After that was math where we worked independitly on a review packet. Aren't they supose to be teaching there paied to teach but she did'nt she just gave us a packet and then proceded to eat candy. After that I went to global nother WW1 lesson. After that I went to spanish the end of the day just to find out that we have a midterm. I hate tests like midterms. They count as 20% of your quater grade. Thats allot of preasure cause even if you do well throughout the quater and happen to maintain a steady 80 average you fucked if you crack under the pressure of this midterm. I always crack and usually fail there is too much rideing on these tests. Then school was over and I went home for about a milasecond before I got dragged off to work. Work sucked. I had a 3:45 minute shift and at Mcdonalds a shift 3:45 minutes or longer gets you a break. But guess what I got screwed out of this break. They changed my hours so I work 3:44 minutes instead of 3:45 minutes so I did not get a break period. I was so fucking pissed I alomst quit. They also made me do all of the cleaning while everyone else stood around doing nothing what a load of shit. I got home and slept for an 1 hour. I was so damn tired lol.

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It was a sucess ^^

I forgot to post last night so I decided to make two entries today. Ok so yesterday In earth science we just went over a lab that we did the day before. I did'nt pay attention cause I had an essay that was due 3rd period so I did it then. Then after I finished that the period ended I finished and then I went to Gym. We played vollyball wich i am not good at. I got hit in the face -_-. Then in english I handed in my essay that i wrote 2 periods earlier. Then I went to tv and production where I slacked off. Then I went to health were we started to watch a movie it seems that class is all movies. Then I went to lunch same as the day before but only thing we had taters instead of fries. I love tater tots <3. Then I went to Geometry gahh we had a pop quiz. I think I epically failed it but who knows. Then I went to global and my teacher was showing off her new projection screen with a wireless remote. She called it  "Teacher Wii"but thats Ms. cono for you =3. Then I went to spanish. I've been doing so bad in that class lately I think there is no possible way to pass this year. I learned how to sleep with my eyes open though very helpful when ms torres starts rambling about her vacations in spain. Then the school day ended. But unlike normal where I would go home I stayed after and walked to shop right. Like I said i would monday so I could get that ebay gift card. I walked back to school and waited till 4:10pm to catch the bus. When I got home I did my math homework and talked to some friends. Then after 4 hours finnaly passed I activated my ebay gift card and bought shit. I got Rad Racer,3-D World Runner,Wrecking Crew,50 Yards,Vollyball lol I have a bad obsession with buying ebay games. Then I took a long nap then when I woke up played allitle xbox then went to bed. 

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Day two on live journal

So it's my second day here on livejournal. Nothing has happened to me yet lol. Hope things pick up soon ^^
Ok so today was one of those boring days school lol.  In earth science all we did was watch a movie on Amazing Caves lol. These guys propelled into a cave 500 feet into the earths surface. In English we worked on an essay on aqatic mammals lol very stale. In Tv and Production I recorded one of my classmates hanging from the celling. Im might upload it to youtube if  I get the time. Then I had lunch was the same lol just allot of talking. Were talking about cruddy video game consoles. Gizmando for the win =3
Then we I went to math all I did there was Proofs. I don't get why it is necissary to write a paragraph prove two triangles congurent but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. My friend souted out random CD-I refrences and caption falcon phrases. He shouted "COME ON" during the middle of class lol everyone was laughing but the teacher seemed kinda pissed. Then I went to global we talked about WWI what I don't get is why do we have to go over every event in history multible times. I remember doing WWI in 4th and 8th grade why do it again in 10th. After that was all good and done I went to my last class of the day Spanish. Now i am not good at any forein language. I failed French 1 and Spanish 1. Im on my second year of spanish 1 <_< Still failing btw. We just went over vocab nothing biggy. Then after school was out one of my friends came over. We played xbox360. For some reason whe I dropped my car from a highest point in the game in Banjo N&B i got 2 achievements. I also did it again with another car just to see what would happen. And I got another achievement. Thats 75 gamerscore points in less then 5 minutes. After that i got a message from one of my friends and we were just talking to him until around 5:00pm. Then I took pics of my pillow. I love my pillow so much it so soft and fluffy. Pic bellow. But I dont love my pillow as much as I love my ken <3. I've been buying stuff on ebay lately and man I am addicted to it. I've been buying way too much stuff with my money. I have to go to shop n stop tommarow to buy a 25$ ebay gift card so I can pay for it. I keep buying nes games with my money. I just got my nes too my friend bought it for me for my 16th birthday. I now have 25 nes games. Including allot of bad ones like bart simpson vs the space mutants or top gun. I am gonna buy a new laptop. I already have decided on what model i wanted. It's gonna be orange but too bad it only comes with the vista operating system i prefur XP but you can't allways get what you want eh? I work at mcdonalds not to glamerus but hey its a job and it brings in the money i need to pay for my addiction. Thats about it for today please comment. ^^

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Hai =3
I'm stevehusky. I'm a furry from Long Island, New York. I just decided today to finally make a live journal account. I do not know much about this setup yet so give me some time to get use to things. I hope to make lots of friends here on live journal.  ^^