Dale (stevehusky) wrote,

It was a sucess ^^

I forgot to post last night so I decided to make two entries today. Ok so yesterday In earth science we just went over a lab that we did the day before. I did'nt pay attention cause I had an essay that was due 3rd period so I did it then. Then after I finished that the period ended I finished and then I went to Gym. We played vollyball wich i am not good at. I got hit in the face -_-. Then in english I handed in my essay that i wrote 2 periods earlier. Then I went to tv and production where I slacked off. Then I went to health were we started to watch a movie it seems that class is all movies. Then I went to lunch same as the day before but only thing we had taters instead of fries. I love tater tots <3. Then I went to Geometry gahh we had a pop quiz. I think I epically failed it but who knows. Then I went to global and my teacher was showing off her new projection screen with a wireless remote. She called it  "Teacher Wii"but thats Ms. cono for you =3. Then I went to spanish. I've been doing so bad in that class lately I think there is no possible way to pass this year. I learned how to sleep with my eyes open though very helpful when ms torres starts rambling about her vacations in spain. Then the school day ended. But unlike normal where I would go home I stayed after and walked to shop right. Like I said i would monday so I could get that ebay gift card. I walked back to school and waited till 4:10pm to catch the bus. When I got home I did my math homework and talked to some friends. Then after 4 hours finnaly passed I activated my ebay gift card and bought shit. I got Rad Racer,3-D World Runner,Wrecking Crew,50 Yards,Vollyball lol I have a bad obsession with buying ebay games. Then I took a long nap then when I woke up played allitle xbox then went to bed. 

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