Dale (stevehusky) wrote,

What a Snore

Today was a big wash nothing interesting happened today at all. At school It started with earth science. Mr mont was out so we watched the x files. i have no idea how the x files relates to earth science but I'm not complaining. Then after that I went to gym. The same basic thing as before vollyball what a boring 4o minutes that was. Then after that I went to english. We started reading animal farm today but I could not tell you a thing about it cause I was sleeping. Hey if you think I was bad the girl in front of my was playing a game on here I phone. It was one of those games where you have to physically move the phone in order to play. So she had it behind her book and she kept twisting back and forth wile everyone was reading. After english I went to Tv and Production allot of nothing going in there. Then I went to health and we finnaly finished watching the movie about the old people. Now I have to write an essay on it =0. After that I went to lunch same old same old but I told my friend that I was Bisexual he did not seem to mind. I thought he was rly gonna flip his lid. After that was math where we worked independitly on a review packet. Aren't they supose to be teaching there paied to teach but she did'nt she just gave us a packet and then proceded to eat candy. After that I went to global nother WW1 lesson. After that I went to spanish the end of the day just to find out that we have a midterm. I hate tests like midterms. They count as 20% of your quater grade. Thats allot of preasure cause even if you do well throughout the quater and happen to maintain a steady 80 average you fucked if you crack under the pressure of this midterm. I always crack and usually fail there is too much rideing on these tests. Then school was over and I went home for about a milasecond before I got dragged off to work. Work sucked. I had a 3:45 minute shift and at Mcdonalds a shift 3:45 minutes or longer gets you a break. But guess what I got screwed out of this break. They changed my hours so I work 3:44 minutes instead of 3:45 minutes so I did not get a break period. I was so fucking pissed I alomst quit. They also made me do all of the cleaning while everyone else stood around doing nothing what a load of shit. I got home and slept for an 1 hour. I was so damn tired lol.

Tags: furries, furry, horrible day, mcdonalds, school, stevehusky

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