Dale (stevehusky) wrote,

Forgot to Write whats been happening D:

Ok so instead of forgetting to write what happened over a day like i have don before I forgot to write for 2 weeks D: Ok so 2 Fridays ago was danceing with the teachers. I was put there to record it for the school. It was pretty much a snooze nothing to exciting point and shoot. Then my parents picked me up and we went to wendys. I got the useual a Baconator large size. Yeah I have a problem. That week at achool was a snore. I've been collecting the hotel for dogs toys from Mcdolands. I have 6 of the 8 Im hopeing to get the other 2 soon. Im also thinking about seeing the movie but im not sure if I have the time anymore. At work the other day I had to do stock up in the fridge with my brother so damn cold. When you put the boxes in you have to rotate them all to the front and there were like 40 boxes of french fries so I had to move em all put the new ones in the back and rotate them so the older ones are in front. That was not as bad as to what happened yestorday though. I was cleaning out my ear with a q tip. I stuck it too far in and I got this massive pain in my right ear. I was in so much pain I had to go to the doctor. He looked into my ear and said I have massive wax build up that was creating pressure on meh ear drum. So he took this gun like thingy that shoot water and stuck it in my ear. He pressed the button and sucked all of the wax out. I was like ewwwwwwwwwwww. So now I have to put two drops in my right ear each day for two weeks such a pain. I got sick leave from work though :D. Today was also a huge snore. Nothing ever exciting ever happens in my life I guess im just not important. Anyway I went to best buy with my money and Instead of buying an ebay gift card like I normally do I bought a new Ds game. Its called tornado or somethign like that. You have to keep drawing circles and it causes cramps in my fingers. I think it was worth the 20$ I spent on it though. My parents then took me to a new shopeing center out in there lol I rly dont know where it was. There was a Ice skaeting rink in the middle of the center. I fell on my ass. Then we walked around the center and all it was is cloths stores and shoe outlets. And the vending machiens cost 1.25 for a bag of chips. That makes Mcdonalds seem cheap. and they had a cupon vending machiene. Thats right you have to pay to get cupons how retarted is that and there not good cupons either like 30 cents off your next purchase. So then I got home went in a massive convo or two with a few people and thats about it. The only good thing that happened was that deth promised me his N-GAGE hopefully he gives it to me and If i get it I'll make a video about it on youtube. Well thats it for now seya.
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