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Its been a long time sense i last used live journal and i have to say i have changed allot sense my last post.. like a few months back i found out that i was gay and not bisexual. it was a huge shock for me but i got over it eventually. now im happier then i was with my sexy boyfriend.. i also went to icon 29 which had to be one of the best days of my life... i meet other furries that are close to me and for once i felt like i fit in. anyway now im getting off topic so im back cause a few friends of mine said that keeping a journal or writing down what happened can help me vent if something bad ever where to happen at all. so yeah thats why i decided to come back to lie journal :3 so i will actually be makeing posts. also im no longer a husky ^.^ ima dalmatian now woof im ahppier as when when i was a husky i ft like i wust going th the flow but now i feel like an individual.. thats all for now bye ^,^

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