August 3rd, 2012

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This account hasn't gotten any use in what looks like two years. Well I guess its now time for a well deserved update. So this will be like a fresh restart, starting now. Hello my name is Stephen. I am a 19 year old male from Long Island, New York. I have lived on this island almost my entire life. I am currently enrolled at Dean College in Franklin, MA. So I spend the majority of my time between the two places. I am a member of the furry fandom, I have 2 fursonas The pink spotted dalmatian dale, and the kitty hybrid named after myself Stephen. I have been in the fandom officially for 6 years now.  When I'm not studying for my classes or working at Mcdonalds. I like to spend my time playing an collecting video games and hanging out with my friends. My collection consists of over 1000 different titles for all different consoles. The newest addition to my collection is my virtual boy. I am a huge Nintendo fan, and this recent addition makes it so I have every Nintendo console ever made. If you wanna know more about my video game collection you can always check out my website I try to be nice to every single person I meet, so please don't be shy. I don't bite, drop me a line I am always up to meeting new people and more importantly making new friends. I will also answer any question, that's going to be all for now.