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Today was one of those bitter sweet days. You know when the good sorta outweighs the bad? Well it started with the seal sunday procedure trip to church. Im not very found of church seeing how im not catholic. I use to be but i denounced my faith when i was 14. and yet my parents still drag me down there every single sunday. It was kinda ok this week though cause I just sat there and day dreamed about my beautiful boyfriend. He means so much to me and I just want to spend the rest of my life with him. I would tell you what i was thinking about but i wanna keep this journal PG-13 hehe :3. Then i went home ate then later went to work at 3. again was seal nothing out of the ordinary. Cept this one women that tried arguing the price of a frappe with me. Some people don't understand that I do not have any control over the prices. Then i got home and started over my pokemon platinm version again. I dont know why pokemon has so much playability that i can beat each game mltiple times and not get bored with it. Then my friends came over and we went top 7/11 to get free slurpees just to find out that they didn't have any more cups so we couldn't get one. It was kinda a let down. We went back to my house and watched some episodes from season 2 of drawn together they left and i began to start chatting to people. I never understood why chatting with people i probably will never meet is so interesting. I can sit on the computer for hours on end talking to people and i seem to do it ever signle night. And then after i was chatting. My boyfriend came online <3 i dunno why but just talking to him makes me happy if you know what I mean. I love him so much he is the world to me <3 I love my french wolfy
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