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Great Day

Today was one of the better days of my life.. I woke up to a phone call from my friend and he invited me over to his house. I got in his car when he arrived and he drove back to his house while i tightly grasped the back seat. We arrived and then we played some games. I stuck to super mario 64 DS. while he decided to play Sakura Wars. I dont like it very much. Then our other friend came over and we walked about a mile to the closest play and trade. I snooped around a bit and thats when i picked up 4x4 Evo for the sega dreamcast. As we where walking out another one of my friends showed up. IE he creeply stalked behind us for 10 minutes.. When he made his presence known we decided to walk to fourth world comics in another shopping center. After snooping around there for awhile I bought a comic about tomb raider for 25 cents in protective shrink wrap. idk if i am going to open it and read it but im gonna think about it... We got a ride back to my friends house and then we just hung out for the rest of the day. We played a bit of Team Fortress 2 for Pc.. Ate a few snacks also Played allitle bit of smash bros and before you think no it wasn't brawl it was melee... He still doesn't own a wii. I got home after being at his house for 12 hours and then i got my Nintendo power magazine. I was so happy cause it came with a free poster. Thats all that rly happened today :3
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