Dale (stevehusky) wrote,

Day two on live journal

So it's my second day here on livejournal. Nothing has happened to me yet lol. Hope things pick up soon ^^
Ok so today was one of those boring days school lol.  In earth science all we did was watch a movie on Amazing Caves lol. These guys propelled into a cave 500 feet into the earths surface. In English we worked on an essay on aqatic mammals lol very stale. In Tv and Production I recorded one of my classmates hanging from the celling. Im might upload it to youtube if  I get the time. Then I had lunch was the same lol just allot of talking. Were talking about cruddy video game consoles. Gizmando for the win =3
Then we I went to math all I did there was Proofs. I don't get why it is necissary to write a paragraph prove two triangles congurent but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. My friend souted out random CD-I refrences and caption falcon phrases. He shouted "COME ON" during the middle of class lol everyone was laughing but the teacher seemed kinda pissed. Then I went to global we talked about WWI what I don't get is why do we have to go over every event in history multible times. I remember doing WWI in 4th and 8th grade why do it again in 10th. After that was all good and done I went to my last class of the day Spanish. Now i am not good at any forein language. I failed French 1 and Spanish 1. Im on my second year of spanish 1 <_< Still failing btw. We just went over vocab nothing biggy. Then after school was out one of my friends came over. We played xbox360. For some reason whe I dropped my car from a highest point in the game in Banjo N&B i got 2 achievements. I also did it again with another car just to see what would happen. And I got another achievement. Thats 75 gamerscore points in less then 5 minutes. After that i got a message from one of my friends and we were just talking to him until around 5:00pm. Then I took pics of my pillow. I love my pillow so much it so soft and fluffy. Pic bellow. But I dont love my pillow as much as I love my ken <3. I've been buying stuff on ebay lately and man I am addicted to it. I've been buying way too much stuff with my money. I have to go to shop n stop tommarow to buy a 25$ ebay gift card so I can pay for it. I keep buying nes games with my money. I just got my nes too my friend bought it for me for my 16th birthday. I now have 25 nes games. Including allot of bad ones like bart simpson vs the space mutants or top gun. I am gonna buy a new laptop. I already have decided on what model i wanted. It's gonna be orange but too bad it only comes with the vista operating system i prefur XP but you can't allways get what you want eh? I work at mcdonalds not to glamerus but hey its a job and it brings in the money i need to pay for my addiction. Thats about it for today please comment. ^^

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